My favorite summer activities summer 2019

Updated: Aug 17

I can't believe it, I'm officially a mommy and I want to entertain + educate= edutertain my baby, hooray! Challenge accepted, and because I'm no teacher, but I do looove to research, I found easy & fun activities that I'm excited to share! Here are my favorite 5 easy activities from a new mommy and an awesome sweet deal for you!


(1) Story Time ☔⏱️

Many experienced moms, like sister, have mentioned this idea and I'm glad I finally researched it. Great for 6months & up - available at your local library, bookstore, or from home! At my bookstore, we have it twice a week, I was so excited to go. They followed story time with questions and a coloring activity. If you are bilingual and want to stay at home, here are my favorite bilingual books, read, ask questions and learn together!

(2) Explore and Associate☔⏱️

One of my favorite bloggers, got a mason jar, put all the possible explore & associate activities: cook, baking, farmer's market, family hike, etc. Once a week pulls an idea plan, such as baking cookies, and associates the activity to a learning opportunity. Following instructions, textures, numbers (while counting eggs, etc), and perhaps listening to a little music together while waiting for the cookies to finish baking. This makes conversations more fun and extra cute videos!

(3) Sensory Day ☀️☔

  • Example Water Day: watercolors, pool day, water balloons, water park, water table with sensory water games (fishing) - and because I want to always provide you with the research I did, here are my favorite affordable water tables:

  1. Best for your buck and it is 30%off right now!

  2. The #1 Seller in Amazon

(4) Play & Share Together ☀️☔⏱️

  • Vocabulary Game Day: my favorite books just came out with a bilingual lotería. How adorable is this! However, I'm going to share (for adults, as a bonus) my favorite new millennial lotería:

  1. Lil' Lotería- best bilingual lotería

  2. Millennial Lotería- because adults need one too (US only)

(5) Create, Innovate, Inspire ☔⏱️

Science Technology Engineering Art Math/ STEAM Day: I absolutely love this concept and brand. I am an advocate of kids playing with toys powered by kids' imagination, or as KiwiCo, describes it inspiring kids’ creativity!

  1. Accessible (KiwiCo is about $20 w/out the promo below)

  2. Engaging (Easy to follow instructions)

  3. Fun (Creative & innovative!)

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Mamis, let's help each other, and share other ideas here or go to my Instagram and comment so other moms can see. I'm so excited to see your ideas!


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