Mom's Happy Project part 3

Updated: Aug 17

Welcome again to Why Moms Need Happy Projects- in this blog series I share inspiration and reasons to help you start a happy project. Find the collection of stories here.

What prevents us from starting something new today - such as a habit, hobby or perhaps a business? If I told you this was my 3rd blog, in the last 10 years, would you believe me? I researched "what stops us from starting something new?" Most common answers were (1) simply not starting and (2) fear. Both extremely familiar, so instead of expanding on these, I'm simply going to share with you my favorite 2 TIPS to help you!

Tip 1: Reflecting via Journaling- Sometimes we need to see it to believe it. At my local HomeGoods, I found a calendar+journal hybrid! Wow, yes, I still need to write things down - I wrote weekly, goals, thoughts, hopes, lists. Also, wrote where I started, so every week, I get reminded to be patient and perseverance. Here are some journals I found on Amazon.

Tip 2: Accountability- Sharing is caring, helpful, and encouraging. When I get messages from Moms (my new virtual friends) saying they too relate, they help me more than I help them. Tip #2 is to share your thoughts & hopes of the new project or habit with your significant other (such as: mom friends, spouses, sisters/brothers/parents and best friends). I shared these projects with my whole family, and wow, first time I do it, and first time I stuck to it. How many of you have tried this?

Now it's time to share great examples and inspirations - meet my supermoms from today's blog and see how they are spending their energy in their happy projects. Let's cheer them on by visiting their sites and feel free to drop a superhero emoji 🦸 in one of their posts!

Supermom Wedding Florist: Laura Y (@mtlaurel_floral)

💐Local & Destination Weddings

  • Why did you start your happy project?

"I started my business primarily to help with our household finances. It was great to be able to professionally communicate and interact with adults, while still being the primary care taker for my first child. My business being a creative outlet was the icing."

  • What do you do?

"I am a floral designer that focuses on locally sourced product and unique blooms!"

Supermoms App Creators: Shannon, Molly, and Katie (@InspireHerApp)

📱Online & Worldwide

(Live website with study groups, app coming soon!)

  • Why did you start your happy project?

"We believe all women should be in community and we wanted to find a way to make it fun and easy."

  • What do you do?

"We are creating a holistic app centered around christian community. What to expect from the app: daily devotionals, fitness plans, healthy recipes, and creative projects, all of which you can do with your people."

Supermom Podcaster: Diana M (@nosotrasenelcafe)

🎙️Spanish Podcast - Online

  • Why did you start your happy project?

"When I became a mother I decided to stop working and although I was happy I felt something was missing. That is why I decided to take up my passion for radio and writing, now in the form of the blog and podcast Nosotras en el café"

  • What do you do?

"Nosotras en el Cafe is a blog and Podcast where you’ll find inspiration and resources to achieve the balance between your multiple roles as a woman and the things that make you happy."

I wanted to thank these supermoms for being brave and trusting me to share their stories. It's Mrs Betty blog is about motherhood and mom empowerment, because like many moms out there, and supporting each other. If you're interested in sharing your happy project, please contact me or email me at: with subject line Happy Project.

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