Mom's Happy Project: 80/20 Rule (Season 1, Ep. 2)

Updated: Aug 17

Welcome again to Why Moms Need Happy Projects- in this blog series I share inspiration and reasons to help you start a happy project, your ideal mom's happy project. If you didn't read my previews post, I will link it here.

Today, let's talk about the book: Living the 80/20 Way: Work Less, Worry Less, Succeed More, Enjoy More. Author Richard Koch talks about a lifestyle where less is more and to focus your energy on activities that produce the best of you. How beautiful does that sound? Personally, I think this speaks directly to us, moms. The happier we are, the more enjoyable motherhood can be. The trick is to find harmony and cut time on those activities that don't produce as much happiness.

If I were to start living the 80/20 lifestyle today, I would focus on playing more with my baby, spending quality time with my husband and working on the blog – focus the majority of my energy on what I enjoy. The rest of it, wouldn't weigh me down. It's less important.

I would like to share other great examples and inspirations - meet my supermoms from today's blog and see how they are spending their energy in their happy projects. Let's cheer them on by visiting their sites and feel free to drop a superhero emoji 🦸 in one of their posts!

Supermom producer: Andrea B (


  • Why did you start your happy project?

"I wanted to pursue my passion, but more importantly, I wanted my kids to see me go for it so they have that example when the time comes for them to pursue their dreams."

  • What do you do?

"I have a TV, video and podcast production company and I want to make content that makes people connect emotionally!"

Supermom coach: Gretchen G (@gretchengegg)

🌐Online & Worldwide

  • Why did you start your happy project?

"After putting my daughter in daycare for a year, I knew in my deepest being that I wanted to be a work from home mom. I had to have a project that served others because that has always defined what I do."

  • What do you do?

"I started out mentoring women one on one and have evolved my services to include a transformational online health and fitness course The Mind Into Motion (MiMo) Method. I am inspired everyday by the stories of how it is changing the lives of women everywhere."

Supermom online teacher: Jaclyn B (


  • Why did you start your happy project?

"I have always had a passion for education and working with children. Deciding to leave my career was a hard decision to make since that was a huge part of my life. When I found an opportunity to continue teaching from home while my little was asleep it felt like everything aligned!"

  • What do you do?

"Online Teacher - a great opportunity for stay at home mommas!"

Supermom photo enthusiast: Rachel (@mrs.franks711)

📷 Hobby

  • Why did you start your happy project?

"I've always enjoyed capturing moments and things around me through photography. My husband bought me a fancy new digital camera last year so I can turn my interest into a hobby! "

  • What do you do?

"I signed up for photography lessons so I can take advantage of all the settings my digital camera has and learn more about photography and post processing.

Who knows, maybe I can turn my hobby into a business one day! 😉"


I wanted to thank these supermoms for being brave and trusting me to share their stories. It's Mrs Betty blog is about motherhood and mom empowerment, because like many moms out there, and supporting each other. If you're interested in sharing your happy project, please contact me.

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