How I built my breastmilk bank without an electric pump

Updated: Aug 17

I was asked by new moms, how I built my milk bank, so if you're reading this, let me tell you it was a team effort, my sister, husband, friends and different resources helped me with tips and here's my number one recommendation: Haakaa Silicon Pump.

I know "pump" isn't appealing, but it is more of a "milk catcher" and this is not a sponsored* - it just really changed my life!

What: Haakaa (ships internationally) - known best as a silicon breast pump

Why: Catches milk while breastfeeding on one side, instead of using a dry pad.

When: Game changer for newborn stage, use as needed or when breast are fuller during early production and for night time feedings.

Where: Use at home but I've also seen moms take it with them on the go! Just remember how long breastmilk can last in room temperature* varies a little bit with whom you ask, I used CDC guidelines.

How: Laslty, wondering how it works and how to catch it, see pictures below instagram @haakaausa

New moms, what other tips do you have to share?



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