Favorite Nursing Products as a first time mom

Updated: Aug 17

And I knew I didn't prepare enough. My fault, my bad, I thought breastfeeding would come naturally, and I guess that's what my gut feeling said, so I didn't bother reading one article, researching one book, or asking anybody about it. How was I supposed to know? No one spoke about it enough to capture my attention. I wish someone would have said, "prepare yourself, it will be tough, but you're not alone" or at least "winter is coming" -haha- or something, anything!

I promise I will write an additional blog post to describe my feelings, emotions and tactics I did to survive my nights of nursing, frustration and painful blisters- because that was the hardest part. In the meantime, I'll be superficial and share my go-to items that helped me as a first time mom.

You can always add these items to your baby registry. If you haven't created a baby registry yet, I encourage you to do so, Amazon has a great program, click here.

(From top left to right) 1. Hatch Baby Scale- I'll answer the top 3 burning questions I had!

  • How long will baby use this? Depends! As a first time mom, it gave me a sense of security that my baby was eating enough. One night in December, he breastfed at night, when he was clearly hungry, for only 3 minutes - he chugged! It must have been a growth spurt, but I didn't know then. That morning my husband went and bought this scale, and shortly we learned he could eat 5 oz in 3 minutes. Unfortunately that didn't last long, but we continued to have "check-ins" to understand his pace for that week, and I no longer felt pressured to feed for 20 minutes. It gave me a peace of mind. Every baby is different and my baby never followed the 10 minutes on each breast rule- and I mean it- never!

  • How many of these products are there out there? Not many- not many at all. If you don't want to purchase a new one, check Craigslist or Facebook Market.

  • Would I be willing to pay for this all over again? Yes!! Cost per use was worth it! I use it every now and then. At least you can say you will use it the first 6 months or during growth spurts! Specially if you have a difficulty trusting your baby like I did- hey, I'm human!

2. Nursing Pillow

  • How long will baby use this? Probably until your baby is big enough, or you practice crossing your leg and breastfeeding in a comfortable position. Also do note that babies most of the time will start taking solids at ˜6 months+, then breastfeeding will decrease but it will not go away completely because baby's main source of nutrients will still be milk. I use mine still because you can also find it helpful to prompt baby! And guess what, this pillow case is washable! #Winning!! So make sure you get one that is washing-friendly!

  • How many pillows are out there? Plenty mom, plenty :)

  • Would I purchase one again? Surely!

3. Nursing tanks or bras - Do I need to say it? yes, yes, yes!

4. Hydrogel pads - Your nipples may crack, bleed, or just hurt a lot! They were beyond soothing and the most helpful because no cream could ever cure what my child did to me - hahaha, true! Furthermore, do read instructions, and I believe most ask you to rinse your breast prior to breastfeeding, so I would keep a wet cloth by my nightstand for those late night feedings. I also managed to use them more than then instructed and they were just as efficient. I learned about these because at the hospital I was prescribed with some powerful ones, so get some there too!

5. Stay Dry Nursing Pads - You will most likely leak- these are my absolute favorite ones! Don't be afraid to buy the 200 bulk - haha, I use mine all the time.

6. Portable Night Light - Love this light! It is rechargeable, portable, and has different tones and exposures of light. This was perfect and I absolutely would buy this again. It helped us so much and the baby. Just pay attention to instructions on how to work it to changes dims and light settings. Besides that, it is a 5 out of 5 without doubt!

What other nursing products did you discover? What do you wish existed? My husband wanted a burping machine, and haha there are some, but let's just say we got better at burping our baby and we're good for now. Anyway, in the end, don't forget, YOU GOT THIS! You're not alone, and it does get BETTER!!

Huge hug! -Betty

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