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Updated: Aug 17

It seems like yesterday we didn't know if a long "bath time" was needed, beyond helping him realize it was time for bed! Fast forward, now I see it as a whole "block of time" where I don't have to do think what to do to entertain him -hooray-! Yep, making me, a very happy momma! I can't be the only one who tries to organize their day by activities and makes sure we get enough baby development time, right? It could be that whenever I worked full-time I had my calendar scheduled in colors or organized by priority and size of the project and impact -wow- oh boy, nerd alert! Anyway, well, here's how I keep our bath time entertaining for my husband and our 6 month "stage" that we are in! Also, if you need additional gifts because you have multiple baby showers, you can always add these items to your baby registry. If you haven't created a baby registry yet, I encourage you to do so, Amazon has a great program, click here.

(From top left to right) 1. Baby Flower Pad

  • How long will baby use this? We started since he was a newborn! Bath time didn't happen until he lost his umbilical cord, but we started with warm towel cleaning times. Now, we utilize it to get him naked and ready for bath time as well as dressing him in Pjs! 5 out 5 stars

  • How many of these products are there out there? Well, I'm not quite sure but everyone and there mom used this because it is washable, very comfortable and easy to air dry

  • Will I be willing to pay for this all over again? That's a YES, YES, YES

2. Moving Toys! Let the toys do some of the playing for you! As simple as that!

Penguin or paddling dog on boat

3. Skip Hop Basket hoop - a way to teach them to take turns and motor skills such as eye/hand coordination. Not only that, you can attach it to a window that may be in your living room and face outside or your fridge? Just saying!

4. Baby Towel (Get more than 1! why? because accidents can happen) - We have three and it is a very happy much needed situation for our boy child- haha)

5. Waterproof book or puzzle - more skills and action driven/goal driven activities.

6. And my son's favorite- the water WHALE! I don't know what it is about this whale, but he absolutely adores it.

What other activities during you incorporate during bath time? For 6 month olds or older? Would love to hear!

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