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Updated: Aug 17

Yay, you're pregnant, and now your baby shower is tomorrow! That's exactly how it happened to me or how it felt like. My sister-in-law volunteered to plan one, because I was staying quiet and wasn't planning on having one. I was so focused on feeling better and digesting what was happening to my body, even though Sammy was super planned! Honestly, I went into "stand-still" mode. Can anyone else relate? But hey, I think it's normal! So, mommy, congratulations to you and please do plan a baby shower, it is well deserved! After we picked a date, I still remember Google-ing left and right (last minute) what I needed for my registry, and I created one via Amazon baby registry. It was very overwhelming! Today, I'm going to share my top 5 items, I would purchase all over again. Feel free to skip over this review and head over to my favorite products store. If you haven't created a baby registry yet, I encourage you to do so, Amazon has a great program, click here.

1. A Baby Carrier: Now that paternity leave is over for my husband, and my baby hates the carseat compatible with our stroller, a baby carrier solves all of my answers! I use the Ergobaby carrier and it is super easy to adjust and wear. I'm confident and assertive when I carry my baby with me. And obviously, baby loves it! Quick tip: Follow Ergobaby instagram for a quick how to put your baby on by yourself guide! It's manageable and easy to wear. 5 out of 5 stars

2. Diaper Trashcan: Yes, this is a must if you're using regular diapers, however, save money by not having to purchase trash bags that are only for your "diaper" trashcan. This trashcan can seal smell, when closed entirely and it is easy to dispose of the diapers! Of course, when my husband leaves it open or we have too many diapers, it won't seal as well, but guess what, diaper genie doesn't either. You save money with this one and I guarantee you won't regret it!

3. Nightlight: For those night feedings, you want to keep it at "business only" - meaning, you do not want the baby to think it's playtime! Tell me about it, I wish I would've known, our little guy thought it was play time. So... keep lights dim, and keep it at business. This cute night light was perfect and affordable for friends to gift us.

4. Diaper Kit: This is an awesome way to carry diaper changing supplies from bedroom to bedroom. During your first few weeks as a parent you might/might not be sleep deprived. So make it easy for yourself, and where baby goes, take the kit. Be ready for any diaper changes! Tip: my baby would get the hiccups when he needed a diaper change, too bad mommy and daddy didn't know, until a few days after he was born. Oh goodness!

5. White Noise Machine: This brand and type of white noise machine has been around in my family for over 10 years! Why noise machine over music? You want to keep it boring and steady during nap and night sleeps. Music can stimulate a baby, white noise reminds them of being in the womb and it's perfect for the whole family. It makes a world of a difference. I will post a guide to talk about how to establish a successful night routine soon!

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