Basic Tips for BETTER Naps: Baby Flow Chart

Updated: Aug 17

Summer is almost here and this past weekend was beautiful and almost perfect - you read that right, "almost." As a new mom, I was reminded by my baby of how important it is to adjust nap schedules - oops! Yes, just when I "figure out" my baby, it is time to readjust our wake times. Good thing I finally figured out my go-to-formula to get back into a good nap schedule. After browsing blogs, searching the web and reading through books - I found my 3 basic and easy tips to have better naps.

Tip #1 Learn about Safe Sleeping: Parenting can be hard and there are always different styles, but I do always try my best to practice safety guidelines when it comes to eating and sleeping. is my go to site created by pediatricians that outlines American Academy of Pediatrics sleep guidelines - read here. So my first tip is to get familiar with these recommended guidelines.

Tip #2 Learn about Wake Times & Nap Routines: Every baby goes through different developmental stages and needs that affect sleep. I'm happy I found Maggie Moore, a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, (@getmooresleep on instagram) because she educated me about the amount of sleep my baby needed throughout the day. Frequently, Maggie will do Q&A's to help moms like me on instagram and she created my favorite cheat sheet for appropriate wake-times and number of naps! Furthermore, she taught me about the importance of nap routines and benefits of a white noise machine, here's my favorite white noise machine. My nap routine/checklist is simple: clean diaper, sound machine and check room temperature - that easy but so important!

Tip #3, My Easy Nap FlowChart: This is the most important chart I have ever created for my husband or babysitter to use, drumroll please... ta da! Follow safety guidelines, nap checklist, and put baby down 10-15 minutes before their wake window is over. Next, note the length of the nap and mood when they woke up and adjust wake time by 10-15 minute intervals according to nap results. Yes! It works! Trust me.

  • More than hour and happy = you nailed it!

  • Less than an hour but very happy and chatty = they took a cat-nap, so they probably could have stayed awake for a bit longer. *Unless it's the last nap of the day- then, that's another story.

  • Lastly, less than an hour and moody= Houston, we have a problem.

And voila! This is a quick overview and general guide of how it helped me as a new mom - I hope this helps you a little, because it helped me a lot!

If you like this topic and want to learn more, please let me know in the comments below. You got this mom! Also, feel free to also suggest other topics.

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Disclaimer: This blog is only based on opinions from read resources and my own research. I encourage you do continue your own research and apply what's needed based on your child and pediatrician recommendations.

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